Pretending the wolf isn't stalking you does not mean it won't eat you. It only justifies not looking over your shoulder or carrying a gun. How smart is that? But that is exactly what some people do when they deny their prognosis or pretend it applies to someone else – not them. You have got to face the wolf, not run away from it. Predators love to chase prey that runs away.

I am not saying accept the bad news, roll over, die, and be happy about it. I am saying that  running the bell lap well does not mean giving up running for your life. It means running towards life rather than away from death. There is a big difference and it starts in your heart which must corral your mind to run, not walk, and in the right direction. If you lose your heart, your passion and purpose will soon disappear; you may as well be dead already. You can see people like that around every cancer center they are the WDs – the Walking Dead; still moving about but not really living.

The cancer needs to be fought with every means possible. The illness will affect your life but don’t let it touch your heart. Draw the battle line there. Engage your doctors, question and challenge them, make your decisions and follow their lead. Don't get your roles confused. Their job is with your body and yours is with your heart. You can make their job more successful by doing yours well. If your heart is safe, then you will be able to cope with the best treatment. Without that, you're toast

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