There is a spiritual high that comes with answered prayer- and appropriately so. But then real life goes on and new troubles arise prompting more prayer-- and more wondering how, when and where will God show up this time.We go thru this again and again. But each time the anxiety is less. The confidence grows. 

To sustain us through those times there is another abiding truth worth focusing on. Heaven is real. Sadly it gets little airtime or press. Many have written about it as have I in CANCERS WINDRUNNERS - both the book and the blog. Study up on it in scripture and other sources to learn and memorize God's amazing promises for us on the other side of death. When you learn them and rejoice in them, death will loose it's sting just as it did for Paul and peace will take its place. 

Eugene Petersen, author of the MESSAGE translation of the Bible tells us "The way we conceive of the future sculpts the present". When our sense of the future is weak it makes every risk in the present bigger and scarier. Those with PEE and a strong sense of their future destiny in Heaven have an immunity to the travails of the world in their daily lives. Troubles still come just as scripture predicts but they are powerlessly irrelevant when the future is secure and we know it!

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