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Cancer Life Lessons


When it comes to cancer, if you know what is coming, you can get better prepared, make better decisions, suffer less anxiety, enjoy life more, help your doctors help you and have a better outcome. This is not the easy path, but it is the better path. If you want easy, choose ignorance and denial.

  • This video covers some advice on the setting priorities during the journey:
  • Everything is an adjustment
  • Got to be flexible
  • Never give up
  • Discover a new normal
  • Live in the present

Sue: The Dragon Behind the Door

Everyone senses the fearful whispers of the dragon:

  • Discouragement and deceit
  • Dread and despair
  • Confusion and anger
  • Death and destruction

You can smote the Dragon irrespective of what the doctors are doing with the cancer - and you must!

Fear and Management Techniques:

  • Focus on what is knowable and necessary for TODAY. Don't sacrifice the NOW to what is uncertain about the future.
  • Avoid fearful people. Fear is contagious. Don't give them airtime - change the subject.
  • Distract your mind: choose to think about other things in detail.
  • Name your fears and keep them in the open. A dragon you can see, you can fight: apply your weapons, reason, humor, distraction and prayer.