Life is more than mere biology, feelings, ideas and circumstances- the things that sometimes dismay, occasionally destroy and always decay. If you believe that that there is something more the only place you can turn is to God, always there, always forgives, and always a source of hope and understanding. 

Troubles are unavoidable, but they are the very stuff that God uses to work out his purposes of salvation in our lives and the world. Without them how many of us would run to Him, listen and learn. How else would we ever gain perspective on fear , a primitive survival necessity versus wily manipulative tool of Satan. 

No Victory is possible without facing an adversary, a trial or a trouble. We know that scripture the penultimate trouble textbook but it is not explicit enough for every one of our explicit troubles. Only a God who will be at our side to strategize and strengthen us in our unique battles will guarantee victory. Therefore "Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, (Jas 1:2 NIV)


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