The Far Corner begins when you relapse and know for sure you are incurable and your hope shifts to another remission but you don't know whether you will get one and even if you do it will be shorter than the last one. It is crunch time for getting the baton passed :DO IT ONE ON ONE

One on one times are often best for the ticklish or tender stuff. I am not dying but I do have a stent in a coronary artery and could croak in the mountains where I often find myself pushing my limits. So whenever I get a chance I pass the baton. One autumn evening at sunset I found myself sitting on a mountaintop with one of my unmarried sons. It was a perfect time for baton passing in the middle of which he popped the question “Dad – how about the sex talk?” So we had it along with how to love romance and care for a wife in marriage. It was precious and would have never happened at the family dinner table or over coffee – maybe a beer. But one on one is key. Create those opportunities and it will happen.


The bell lap baton pass is not a one-time, one person event limited to the far corner. The backstretch is about preparing oneself for the final passes in the last corner, but you can start passing batons of wisdom as soon as you’re ready. The final batons are the most precious words of truth, vision and blessing, culled out, distilled down and delivered on a silver platter. You want to be sure you get them right, so the early backstretch is about searching for, thinking through, living out and validating gems to pass on. Translate your failures into warnings, your successes in to significance and launch all those you care about into their future off your shoulders.... see CANCER'S BELL LAP  for more

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