30 - Rachel's Discovery

Rachel told me how pondering the unfairness of it all and all the dreams she had to abandon made her furious and that her anger got her nowhere. Expressing her feelings helped, but the more she did that the more exhausted and defeated she became. It was only when she let it all go that she could get the dragon off her back. Not until she accepted that fact that she would never know why could she move on with life,: make new dreams and regain the energy and composure she needed to take full treatment.


When cancer shatters your reality, only the truth can pick up the fragments and piece them back together. Finding and accepting your truth is the hardest work of the near corner. Meditate on it, pray about it and give it your full attention.Put all your weight on your left foot then hurdle denial. Only then can you weight your right foot of hope to reach forward to direct the rest of your life and escape the living purgatory of denial. 

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