Windrunners Blog

In this blog and the accompanying book Cancer's Windrunners, I want to share with you what I have learned from a group of amazing patients who journeyed with God through their cancers. They seemed to live lives of more purpose, meaning and joy — and often longer than I ever expected. Whatever was going on with them I wanted — and wanted to pass on to my other patients. HERE IT IS IN BLOG FORM.

For opportunities of a secular journey in a life with cancer, see the Bell Lap Blog.


1 Timothy 2:1-3 (MSG) "The first thing I want you to do is pray. Pray every way you know how, for everyone you know. "  In Thessalonians Paul is equally straightforward "pray all the time". I sure didn't do that for the first 20 yrs of my walk with Jesus but oh what a difference it makes. Mark Batterson  points out " the more you pray the more Holy surprises you will have."  So true. But don't try to dictate the response time to God and don't be disappointed when you don't recognize the answer. We often mistake not yet for no or not listening.


 It is all about FOCUS.  That is what it takes. Faith/trust in God is elementary but focus on His promises is essential. To doubt is human. We are given a critical, analytical mind which produces learning and safety but also skepticism. So how does one live in that tension of skeptical trust? It is a matter of FOCUS.