The pandemic of fear that Covid 19 has created is identical to that created by the words "you have got CANCER".  Both take a person that is getting by in life - and even getting by very well and knocks most off their feet. Both Covid and Cancer take a larger tole on the lives we lead than the bodies we live in. More lives are polluted , relationships soured, careers upended, and heath compromised by the fear than by the actual virus or cancer . Yes some suffer from the physical effects of either disease and some die - but relatively few compared to the number of lives that are altered by the fear. It is so devious and powerful a fear that some of my patients have called it a dragon - THE "WHAT-IF" DRAGON- that haunts them whispering "what if....." what if...." what if..." day and especially at nite. 

You have got to recognize the Dragon to defeat it . For more about that read the BELL LAP blogs or bookk and substitute Covid 19 wherever the word cancer comes along. 

If you have any notion that God might have a role in these situations read the BE VICTORIOUS blogs written in just the last few months again aimed at those with cancer but totally aimed at all of us today.  

If you read Be Victorious blogs you will come across people called  Windrunners. They are ones who were and are victorious. For stories of how they became Windrunners and victorious see the Windrunner blogs or read CANCERS WINDRUNNERS book available on Amazon - and pass it on to anyone who is anxious or fearful. That is not who we were created to be and there is a way to become an overcomer/windrunner and it will provide a fear immunity for every other bad thing in your life. 


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