Cancer Family Dynamics

44- A Word to Family, Caregivers, and Pacesetters -1


Thank God for the support team and the caregivers. No one can run a bell lap without you – crawl may be, but not run. You are the true friends; you are ever so precious. You are the encouragers, the listeners, the pacesetters, the nurses, medics, coaches and counselors. You offer the certainty that there will be a witness to their lives – that they are valued.

C - Caregiver Role Expanded


Recruit others to read in this book about the issues patients encounter coming off the starting line and through the near corner so you all can help your patient deal with feelings of denial, fear and anger by asking questions as well as being a sounding board. Some disappear into themselves and a black hole of sour feelings and need to be drawn out to understand and process all they are feeling. Help them put a face on their fears (faces of the dragon) to give them a  target to deal with.  Keep your fears to yourself, they don't need them.

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