If you are normal you will get depressed and it will sap your vitality for a while, but you most likely will not stay that way. Bad news is depressing and only those who are either in denial or crazy don’t experience it. Many of us tread through life thinking of our bodies as something we can count on - or luxuriating in not thinking about them at all - just assuming: appetite will follow activity and the taste of food will not change; refreshment will follow on rest and strength will pretty much endure; biologic functions will be intact; no lumps, no pains, no panic. But now we no longer know what we can count on; we are disconcerted at the very least.

Those who can tolerate their depression and work through it achieve resilience. For them it is a stimulus to reflect on and process their experiences and thereby gain insight into themselves and life itself. Those who hide from it behind denial become enslaved by it and simply let it grow until it destroys them.

 If depression persists and interferes with sleep, work, relationships or treatment you must ask for help. There are medicines I call stress busters that can energize you enough to endure it until you can conquer it and there are counselors who can assist you to navigate the quagmire of problems and feelings that create it.   

The Dragon will come up unannounced from behind to overtake you and trip you up. You may need to sprint hard to get away from it, but you have to do it, take a good look as you pull away, because it will come at you again and again in different disguises again and again. The Dragon is a master of deception but after you have beaten it once, you can see it coming and know how to out run it again.

Dragons may seem like some fantasy out of children’s books, but you are going to meet this one, I guarantee it. The only question is how you will respond. Some coaching will help

Only you can deal with fear with or without spiritual help - and you must. In order to over come it you need to recognize every form it takes and every way it impacts you decision making and hence you life. This is a bigger deal than most now realize. I am not just talking about the big stuff like hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and terrorism but all kinds of fears that seem little but can ultimately destroy your life.

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