Pray, Listen, Wait, Watch, Walk Remember & RECOUNT! 

We know people who have PEE of God keeping His promises and moving in their lives repeatedly. It inspires them to pray more over and over again - if they remember. And one of the best ways to remember is to recount to others what has just happened. After all God's blessing in your life was not given just for you. Every time you tell someone else what God did it encourages them and they think that God just might do the same for them. In other words share your witness. To not do so is to rob God of His glory.

Our brains are designed to remember the bad things so we can learn from them and avoid them in the future. Sadly we are not as skilled at remembering the good things like answered prayer. Keeping a prayer journal or making a pile of stones, one for each answered prayer, helps but nothing is as good as telling someone. 

Every time you share your answered prayers is further cements them in your mind and makes you grateful. It also gets you closer to experiencing the peace the passes all understanding, the peace that chases out away anxiety and fear, the peace that comes only when one has enough PEE to create certitude that God is "recruitable" and will in some mysterious way or another jump on any and every need . And that the outcome will be good - albeit equally mysterious. 

People often say "I am not certain it was God who answered my prayer. It might have been serendipity or my own skill that finally came through". That feeling is common. But a wise soul once advised me that if it is good, give God the credit and collect it as PEE. If you do, you will discover your PEE accumulating. Eventually you will  have to conclude that either serendipity shows up a lot for you, or you are pretty smart or that God has blessed you.

Once you have seen Him show up and do something irrefutably miraculous like change your heart , your attitude about something then you may become more willing to accept the rest of His blessings. That has happened repeatedly for me - but only when I have prayed and said Lord I am willing for you to change me and how I think. I usually follow that with --but you know I think I am right about this and am justified in how I feel. I suspect He laughs. Then weeks or months later when I discover my attitude has done a 180 He laughs again and hugs me.

If your heart isn't where you would like it to be or there is an outlook or attitude that could use some adjustment, give pray a try. 


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