It is a time for reminiscing, valuing, validating, laughing and cheering, all those things that take place at the best memorial services: speeches, stories, testimonials, applause, clapping and high fives, all awash in tears and hugs. But if you have planned your run well, escaped the fear driven invitation to give one last chemotherapy regimen a try (which is invariably worthless) you will get to be present and soak it all in: bask in the accolades and smiles, suffocate wonderfully in the hugs, share the tears of friendships long cherished, drink to the toasts and fall to sleep once again in the arms of the one you love.

If you are the one coming down the home stretch you can’t orchestrate all of this, but you must tell those who can when you are ready to get started.....See CANCER'S BELL LAP

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